Reply To: Does IVIG lead to nerve regrowth? Is it painful?

May 27, 2013 at 5:34 pm

IvIg does nothing directly to promote healing. The purpose of IvIg and other treatments is to halt, or at least slow, the attack on the nerves. If this can be done, then nerve healing will take place just as most other tissue damage can heal. Nerve healing is extremely slow, however, particularly axonal damage. Healing may not be 100%.

Pain can be associated with nerve healing, but when nerves are damaged, there is no one pattern. What you experience depends on which nerves are damaged and how they are damaged. During a healing phase, pain can increase as sensory nerves become more functional, and can decrease as nerves heal, but main may never go away, even if there is no permanent remission from the active disease. I have had no remission two and a half years out from my case of CIDP, and my feet still hurt all the time. They may never stop hurting.