Reply To: Diaphram tightness

October 5, 2013 at 4:18 am

Thanks fairly_odd_mother for your response. The tightness around my chest is gone but the numbness in both hands and feet is still there. As far as the tingling sensations, it’s not so much tingling but rather more like hypersensitivity. If I don’t move my hands or feet, I don’t feel any tingling. My hands feel normal. However, when I touch or handle something with my hands or take a step with my feet, it is then I feel the needle like sensation. If I was to step on a grain of rice with bare feet, it feels like I stepped on a shard of glass. I do see some major improvements in my hands and feet. I’m going on my 5th month come Oct 11th and just 3 months ago both my hands and feet felt like they were filled with pressure and going to explode. Now, there’s no pressure present and the numbness has trickled down only in the fingers. I’m in the process of writing my journal just to remind me how precious life really is. How we should never take ordinary things we do daily in our lives for granted.