Reply To: Dermatomyositis now, too. Contemplating disability…

October 4, 2012 at 1:57 am

Thanks,  Jmlz!  It certainly sounds as though you’ve made a good choice And I hope you are able to make the adjustments and find a new normalcy soon.

I’ve known that I had CIDP for four years now; the symptoms began 18 months before that. It took therapy and antidepressant meds to help me regain my emotional equilibrium once the reality set in. Until this latest Dx, I’ve had very little trouble maintaining a positive attitude. Being sick has helped me to place greater importance on the things that really matter and to let go of lots of less important things. Now I’m starting to think that work — even work I enjoy– costs me too much and gives me too little compared to my family and friends. But it does feel like a failure on my part to stop working.