February 22, 2012 at 8:33 pm

oh ok!! THank you for clarifying! 🙂 I appreciate that! Gosh, even every two weeks seems like a lot (frequency wise), Working full time in a demanding job, plus taking care of two kiddos 2 years and 11 months I can barely get my schedule cleared for every 3 weeks.. including the day afterward to “recover” .. though if I felt better more often, then changing up my schedule to do it more frequently would of course make more sense!
Speaking of kids.. what do yall do about school/germs etc? With just getting a simple cold/cough (it did have fever with it the first two days) and having such a set back.. I’m pretty paranoid about getting sick again.. however, we are thinking about putting our kids into school three days a week to give me an opportunity to have a few days off to rest (most of those day’s I’ll be at work, but every once in a while it will result in a day of rest).. The only reason we havent’ enrolled them yet is that I know they will get sick, which of course I don’t want, but then that will also get me sick sometimes too! Any advice on that? Thanks again yall!