February 23, 2012 at 3:37 am

Lori- no intrusion here!!! I Like to learn about any and everything on here.. Its more informative than my dr’s appointments to have yall to learn from!
With me going every 3 weeks now and it starting to wear down right after the 2 week mark, we’ll have to change something up! Hopefully the increased dose I did yesterday will last longer.. I know after my first loading dose.. the improvement was ever so slight… I thought surely it must have just been a placebo effect, since I so badly wanted it to work .. until it started wearing off.. then I realized it was obvious it had in fact worked.. the 2nd time.. I started getting really upset around day 3 that i hadn’t had any improvement.. then that 4th day it was just like a miracle!!! I held out that hope for last time and felt like all i did was get worse fast.. ugh.. this things is just crazy!!! I’m also curious to hear of any other alternative treatments in case IVIG doesnt work
Kelly – that is interesting! I didn’t realize it was something you could have chronically.. I might need to talk to my dr about all of that!!!
Thanks so much yall!