Reply To: cidp pain relief…HELP !!!

March 22, 2013 at 7:38 pm

cathebt,  i was diagnosed in 2005, so im about thirteen years into it… as i mentioned, the only treatment i am on right now is IvIg every 5 weeks…  i think that is holding the demon at bay, but there are some days i feel like its an uphill battle…  my words of encouragement for you :  acceptance and positive thinking.  i think that’s the best medicine ever.   i’ve come to accept my disease and as silly as it may sound, i’ve learned alot and grown from it as an individual…. things that i would not have realized if i did not have cidp.    …things like gratitude and tolerance, stillness and being present.    The positive thinking part is really just NOT giving into any negative energy… and pushing to do the things i like to do, like exercise, work, being outdoors with my sheepdog, spending time with my friends and family….i  really believe in that.    i started this topic because i know i am not alone and wanted to see what others do to control the pain so that i CAN do the things i like to do and enjoy my life.   i’m not mad at the universe and i dont say “why me?”   everything is the way it is supposed to be, so i dont question any of it.   my mission is to stay as comfortable as i can and to never give in to this.  a while ago, i read something on this forum from a member, i will never forget, and try to live by this:  I Have CIDP,  CIDP does NOT have ME…   best of luck to you.    steven    ps thanks for the info about the insurance possibly covering my massage;  im going to look into that cuz its knocking me broke. !!!   S