Reply To: CIDP–new treatments??

May 12, 2012 at 3:06 am

sub Q trial will be held at the Weill Cornell Medical Center using Hizeria IVIG brand. Call them for more info. Great news for those who meet the “regular” CIDP requirements. Unfortunately, while I was a big instigator/agitator to get this trial going I willnot be able to participate because I have “atypical CIDP” and SPS. For those who meet the “regular” CIDP identification markers and who live close to NYC, have your neuro reach out to the Center. I think they are accepting 100 patients for the trail. I have found excellent care there, with a truly supportive and dedicated staff. Good luck to those who get to do this study. Fromthe info I read on this forum and others, sub q is the way to go – you get the medicine without the side effects. I will be really interested in hearing how patients fare with this new delivery system.