Reply To: CIDP friendly neurologist in Orlando

September 18, 2013 at 4:10 am

As you indicate, there may not be many good GBS/CIDP specialists in Orlando. However, there are in the Tampa area and the GBS-CIDP Foundation has an office in Orlando. They may be able to provide doctor references (or maybe this is one of those you spoke to). Contact:
Ian Harper
Orlando, FL 32837
407 850 9402

If your friend doesn’t mind driving ~105 miles to Clearwater, this doctor specializes in GBS/CIDP:

Or this CIDP specialist (considered a CIDP Guru by some) 30 miles closer in Tampa:

There does seem to be more specialists in the Tampa area. Maybe you should contact the GBS-CIDP Foundation office there too:
Nancy Roberts
Belleair, FL 33756
813 300 3800