Reply To: CIDP, Celebrex, and Arthritis

May 9, 2012 at 1:32 am

If you are on Celebrex, migraine medicines such as Amerge/Imitrex is contra-indicated. I always get a migraine after my IVIG infusion and took Amerge/migraine medicine. The info sheet on Celebrex (and the advertisements) say they are not compatible. I checked with both pain management and neuro doctors as well as pharmacist and they told me the combo (of Celebrex and migraine med) could cause problems. At a recent medical conference, at which I was NOT in attendance, this topic was discussed and none could point to examples that supported this medical alert. Personally, I chose to come off Celebrex while having my IVIG infusions rather than risk the consequences with migraine medicine. Now that IVIG no longer works for me I am back on Celebrex – and thankfully, the buzzing/burning in my legs/hands have turned down a few notches.