Reply To: CIDP and Thyroid Issues

July 27, 2012 at 1:12 am

Hi, I am newly diagnosed (this week) with CIDP. They found multiple nodules on my thyroid during a c-spine MRI, and now i am told that I must have a consult and biopsy based on yesterday’s ultrasound. This is my third biopsy in a month (benign breast tumor, precancerous colon polyp), so i am concerned about these multiple masses growing in my body. i realize that the odds of a problem are low, and a recent TSH test was well within range. The suggestion about plastic surgery is a good one, since it is right on my neck. I have noticed some symptoms that coincide with hyperactive thyroid, but a recent TSH test was well within range. I just scheduled IVIg treatment for next week, and now have to put that on hold until after the biopsy is done. I guess it makes sense; I’m still trying to learn about these things. How much does the thyroid function affect response to treatment? Or progression of symptoms? Do people tend to have different or worse side effects if they have thyroid issues? Just curious about others’ experiences, as I have a family history of thyroid problems.
Thanks, and hello!