Reply To: CIDP – Active Infection

June 5, 2012 at 3:21 am

Let me try to take this one at a time. Where in the main forum do you feel it would get the most attention?

As far as the researchers are aware bartonella can be caught by fleas and ticks, and although I cannot rule out bees, because before my son’s case they had not come across spiders and woodlouse that tested positive for bartonella, the fact is no one can pinpoint exactly where the bartonella was contracted (it will take a lot more research and money). The antibiotic protocol is a combo of two antibiotics, at this point you have to find a lyme literate Dr and get your son tested. We also work with a master herbalist in Mass who I would be more than happy to give you his number, he is a wonderful resource who made an enlightened statement when this all began “If you find yourself chasing your tail over and over you need to look elsewhere”.

Write to me directly (we can do that here right?) I will give you whatever info you need: Doctors numbers, testing information, research, the herbalists number, whatever I can to help.