Reply To: CIDP – Active Infection

June 3, 2012 at 6:32 pm

Please understand, we have faced people who did not understand before so I hope this does not sound condescending: When our son had the tests you speak of they were still addressing CIDP as a post infection response, and they all showed CIDP. Blood tests would later prove the existence of bartonella, research would bear witness to it’s effects. If you understand how bartonella works you can understand how it all comes together. I am not a Dr so all I can offer is the research that we have that proves how this can all happen. I will let you know when the website it up so you can view it all and come to your own conclusion.

It was a huge day for us when the team of Neurologists at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital saw the light of how an active infection can cause CIDP. I have posted this in the hope of spreading the word so others do not have to suffer unnecessarily.

There needs to be more research into both CIDP and bartonella. Our Dr who specializes in bartonella tells us that when he treats those with bartonella who have developed polynueropothy then the CIDP goes into remission, and only when our son started antibiotics were we able to start to wean away from the IVIG and see progress.

Again I’m not hear to convert anyone or challenge what they think it right. If you are tired of getting nowhere with CIDP then I offer you information, no debate, please make up your own minds. I hope everyone here finds a Dr to help them.