Reply To: cellcept/ cyclosporin/immunosuppressants questions

March 10, 2012 at 8:32 pm

GH–yes I have read the information on SCT. It is something i would consider, to be rid of this disease and all the treatments. I just wish it could be done more locallly, and not have to travel so far to have it done. But–i haven’t ruled it out even though my Dr is totally against it.

Shellbones–what did you experience for side effects on the cell cept? I am a litttle nervous about trying any of them due to my bad response to the prednisone—but really want to stop this nerve damage and feel strong again. now that you are on the imuran are you completely off the ivig? Do you take pill form or IV imuran? I wonder why anyone would choose to have it iv if they could just swallow the pill—there must be advantages and disadvantages to each???
yes i agree–i wish none of us had to make these decisions either 🙂