Reply To: catheter for plasma exchange

February 20, 2012 at 12:19 pm

Lori, My blood pressure has dropped (vasovagal response) three times. The first was early on while undergoing plasma pheresis (and I’ve had many PEs now). The first BP drop was scary. Mark is correct; after the first episode I could feel it coming on, told the nurses, they quickly gave me calcium (talk about a warm fuzzy feeling … ) and I avoided the blood pressure drop. After awhile I guess my body developed a tolerance to PE and I didn’t experience the BP drop. The second BP drop happened during the “rinse back” step in the PE (towards the end of the procedure). I started coughing and having respiratory problems and the nurse noticed it and ask me if I was having problems. She stopped the machine and pulled me off. It took me awhile to recover. The 2nd DP drop was very atypical and they thought I may have had an alergic reaction; again strange since I was going through rinse back. The third time was about an hour after the PE; we were eating in a restaurant and I felt very light headed and had to lay down on the restaurant floor and elevate my legs.

I write this not to concern you about the vasovagal response, but to give you the knowledge of how it may occur so you’re ready.

Also it took a few weeks for the PE to produce results, but they were dramatic. Remember that the PE only removed the offending antibodies; your body has to repair the damaged myelin which takes time. I see your last post was 2/3, so you’ve had some to hopefully see positive results. Let us know how you are doing.

Praying you are re-myelinating and are seeing improved motor function and sensory function.