Reply To: can someone help me figure this out

November 29, 2012 at 5:13 pm

Thanks GH, thats the problem, I never couold get that copy paste thing dow.  I will have to wait till Christmas break when my son comes home.  Anyway, the info is about Deanna Protocol.  You can just google that, but I had found this actual abstract and study that is currently being done  on it with diagrams on how the neuroprotective effect of ketones has a therapeutic benefit for patients with ALS and other neurodegenerative disorders, MS, ALS, to Alzheimers.  It is really interesting.

So here was the title of the study…Phase 1:  Stop nerve cell death  Therapeutic Ketosis for ALS and other neurological diseases. 

If you just generally google therapeutic ketosis, it takes you to wacky body building info..

AKG is the name of the supplement.

The Deanna Protocol was started by a surgeon whose daughter was dx w/ALS, he did not want to sit back, so he quit his job and started research.  You can also go to Winning The Fight, it is a sight that has info on it.  Actually, I think when I hit the research section that is where this paper popped up with the study. 

Just thought I would offer the info, I thought it was interesting at the least.