Reply To: B complex vitamin

May 20, 2012 at 12:46 pm

synthia, I get a 1000cc injection in between my plasma pheresis (PP) treatments. B-12 is an essential element in the re-myelination process. I’ve regained so much motor function and sensory function since beginning the PP/B-12 protocol that I’m a firm believer and will continue to take B-12, because I’m evidently re-myelinating or growing new neural pathways. From everything I’ve read and been told by my doctors B-12 is not toxic. I usually get a couple of weeks after my PP treatment and it does seem to give me a boost and sustains me until my next PP. When the headaches, burning, numbness, and strange smells return I know it’s time for an injection. I can’t say whether it helps with the fatigue or not, but the headaches subside.

My neuro says the headaches and strange smells come from de-myelination of my central nervous system (CNS). While the peripheral nervous system is important to me, I’m more concerned about the effect CIDP has on my CNS … if the B-12 injections make the headaches and smells go away, maybe it’s keeping the CNS damage at bay or at a minimum at least.

Hope this helps,