Reply To: B-12 deficiency & CIDP

December 27, 2012 at 5:25 pm

Thanks Lori … Thanksgiving was wonderful. Thanksgiving evening here was clear and cool. My sons and I pulled out my telescope (8″ Meade LX200GPS) and took some photos of Jupiter and the Great Nebula in Orion. It’s amazing to realized how vast the universe is and how long the light from distant galaxies has been traveling to reach earth. And yet the Bible tells us there has never been a place or time that God wasn’t there. (Just blew a circuit in my brain).

Michelle, I pray that you too will very quickly get to the point that CIDP isn’t the focus of your day, but an occasional thought.  Unfortunately in most cases CIDP patients have to be their own advocate; so I urge you to keep pushing/pressing your neurologist to get better and better. Don’t accept where you are as “good enough” .

Thanks for the well wishes; my wife and I are doing much better. She is walking with a cane and I rarely have headaches. Fatigue has been an issue, but I’m back to lifting weights and walking (hopefully this weight will start to come off now).   

Praying that during 2013 a cure for CIDP will be found and you all will have a healthy, prosperous, and blessed 2013.