Reply To: Asking for an undiagnosed friend

February 24, 2012 at 9:16 pm

so sorry to hear about your friend!! I wouldn’t think that the ER would be able to help him out with anything but the “acute” problems.. has he seen a neurologist??
I had bowel problems preceeding my neuro symptoms.. but it was quite the opposite.. going from my “normal” once every other day to up to 20 times a day.. they are questioning if it was CMV virus, originally it was thought that it might have been a gluten/celiac thing.. so i’ve been gluten free since..
however, I have read on here that quite a few people have had their intestines affected.. when this whole mess affects your autonomic nervous system, intestines can either speed up or slow down, I believe constipation is the more common result of it. I hpoe they get everything all sorted out for him! Good luck!