Reply To: Amusing Photo

December 27, 2012 at 7:01 pm

Thanks Gary I have been having a time with the login & getting around on this site,  it’s set up different than others I’ve been in.  But I’ll figure things out I always do,  well I hope you had a great Christmas Gary,  ours this yr was a lot better than our last one.    Last yr after losing both my sisters & my mom,  Christmas was just not the same.    This yr on the other hand I had all my kids here on Christmas Eve & we had a great time.   I have 6 grandkids as to which I had a new granddaughter born earlier this yr,  they only made it a little more pleasant this yr.   At least with everything that’s gone on I was able to finally get back on this site,   I do get kept in misery alot due to my neuropathy which has been sending me through torment as of late.