Reply To: 4 year old with CIDP – New to Forum seeking support

June 27, 2012 at 3:59 pm

Just wanted to tell everyone, that I have Logan scheduled to see a dr that the foundation recommended August 28th. Since I posted last Logan was back in the hospital and had to have ivig again. He got a ant bite and it turned into a staff infection. The dr thinks it was due to his immuran. He got 5 days of ivig and off he went. I saw his current dr yesterday and they have started monthly IVIG infusions for him because otherwise he is getting weak and getting pain. After telling his nuero my findings and that I was going to another dr he finally started listening and doing research on his own. The new concern is my son’s blood pressure is so high all the time, they say it has to do with the condition. Along with monthly infusions he is going to be wearing a blood pressure patch. Thank you all for you support, it means alot to be able to know people out there are dealing with the same problems.