Reply To: 3 y/o with GBS after flu? Please help!

January 24, 2013 at 2:22 am

Hi there –

I certainly understand your concern. My daughter was 4 when she was diagnosed with GBS & it was later changed to CIDP.  Her symptoms progressed over a few months time. It started with pain & numbness in her feet & legs & later progressed to muscle weakness. I know it can be really scary to think something serious is wrong with your child & it doesn’t help if you are not satisfied with what the dr is telling you to do.

I have a few thoughts for you…

1) My first thought was your daughter could be dehydrated from vomiting & running such a high temp.  What color is your daughter’s urine?  Are her eyes sunken in? Does her skin bounce back when pinched into a fold? If she cries does she produce tears? Does she have a dry mouth or lips?

2) If the dr’s consensus was that she is dehydrated then the dr should have her admitted into the hospital to receive IV fluids, or IV fluids should have been given at an urgent care or other outpatient facility, especially since she is so young.  (A few years ago my husband had a terrible stomach flu. He broke out in a rash & had muscle pain & weakness. I took him to urgent care & they determined he was extremely dehydrated. They ended up giving him 2 bags of IV fluids & he felt much better afterward.)

3) While she is in the hospital, if the dr was serious about the possible GBS diagnosis, he/she could order  further testing such as an EMG/NCV, MRI of the brain & spine with & without contrast & a spinal tap to check for high protein levels in the spinal fluid.  Honestly, if GBS is suspected (especially in a young patient) hospitalization should be considered immediately.

I would suggest calling the dr back & expressing your concerns. I hope your daughter feels better soon!