Reply To: 12 year old son with atypical GBS/CIDP

May 30, 2013 at 10:55 pm

Mom.., it is true that a loading dose is sometimes administered in two days, although a five-day regimen seems to be the usual.

Seattle Children’s should be a good place, but the doctor you described above sounds like a dim bulb to me. A doctor should keep an open mind about the diagnosis until it’s perfectly clear, because there is variability in the various tests they use to diagnose neurological disorders. The remark about standing was particularly stupid. I could “stand” for a short time a week before I was hospitalized, provided I could get upright using my arms, but if my knees buckled I went down like a rock.

I know that there are lots of doctors and therapists coming around when one is hospitalizec, especially in a teaching hospital, but the notion of several “attending” physicians doesn’t make sense. One neurologist who understands peripheral neuropathies should be the attending physician coordinating treatment of your son’s neuropathy. The rest are hospitalists, or consulting specialists, or something.