remyelination genes

September 3, 2008 at 10:51 pm

Smiley, yes, you want remyelination. I was trying to say that this might be a different protein than the one listed as being for nerve regrowth.
I did some further investigating. LINGO-1 is expressed in the central nervous system–so could be potentially beneficial for multiple sclerosis and demyelination of the central nervous system. I saw two promising research topics about myelination in the peripheral nervous system that would be important for GBS and CIDP. One talked about EGR2 regulating the myelin genes PMP-22 and MPZ. A link to this is [url][/url].
The second is about neureglin I, type III which seems to be similar to LINGO-1 but for the peripheral nervous system. A link for information about it is [url][/url]
I hope I got those right.