removal of the thymus

March 8, 2011 at 7:42 pm

Hi Lori,

17 reads, no replies. You’ve given the forum a tough assignment.

removal of the thymus? Nope, not for me. At least not until I have seen an endocrinologist, or two.

I also read that, supposedly, removal of the thymus may not be a big deal because plenty of T-cells are manufactured when we are young. Even so, I’d get a couple more opinions before I agreed ‘[I]to see if it will stop the antibody production and allevieate the neuropathy.[/I]’

As for SCT? For me, it’s simple. Call Chicago and ask them. The other simple part- I bet I would try SCT before I tried a cut and destroy surgery.

And then, given that previous statement- that is, most t-cells are supposedly already produced, I’d vote for try Plasmapheresis and see what happens. Also to be tried before cut and remove surgery.

Tough decisions. Good Luck.