November 11, 2009 at 10:01 pm

Dear WithHope,
[QUOTE]Whether influenza vaccination specifically might increase the risk for recurrence of GBS is unknown. Among 311 patients with GBS who responded to a survey, 11 (4%) reported some worsening of symptoms after influenza vaccination; however, some of these patients had received other vaccines at the same time, and recurring symptoms were generally mild (ref 247).[/QUOTE] Joel Steinberg, MD, PhD, wrote an article in the GBSFI Newsletter, [I]The Communicator,[/I] Summer 2003 Edition.

I responded to this article because I did not agree with the Author’s opinions and theories about 311 recovered GBS patients and the influenza vaccine immunization of the 11 GBS patients and their symptoms/diagnosis/care. Please review my post:

You are invited to jump-in, and help answer any of those questions/remarks.

Do you know why the CDC stats show only 1 in 1 million that get a flu shot will get GBS from the flu shot? It is because the CDC uses only what is reported to VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system), and VAERS receives 3% or less of the actual immunization vaccine adverse events.

Please do not muddy the water with CDC reports. Their answer is alway “a new vaccine.”

Regards to all.