April 12, 2011 at 11:36 am

Hi Chirpybirdy,
I believe I have a similar case of CIDP. I think we are in the lucky category. I have been on ivig for 6 months now and it is really starting to work. You have to come the realization as quickly as possible that you may not ever get back to full operation. It has taken me about a year to get to that point. I have learned to change my life as needed to adapt to my weakness. I am able to work, walk, do most of the things I used to do except I wear out very easily and I sleep a lot. It’s not so bad. Keep reading the posts on this forum and it will help you a lot. Reading these posts have put me at ease. Ask all the questions you can and educate yourself. The biggest thing is not to freak out. You can’t change what is happening. Good luck. Paul