Relapses caused by Humidity

September 15, 2006 at 8:34 pm

Hi Amatrine,
Have all of your relapses been at this time of year?

I have had CIDP for three years and I have had 9 relapses. They have all occurred in the months of March-August when the humidity and mold spore counts are high (I live in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area). I have never had a relapse during the winter.

I am becoming weaker and weaker; I can still walk but am spending about 50% of my time in a wheelchair now. I am convinced a drier climate will be much better for me but i have been unable to find any empirical data on CIDP/auto-immune disease and the impact of climate. Anybody know where to look,

[QUOTE=amatrine]Try monsoon season here in Phoenix!

The humidty with 116 degrees. I am just starting to have another relapse and new onset osteoarthritis in my hands. I have to go in for PE tommorow.I have a new wedding ring set I got for my 10th and I cant wear it:(

My last relapse was the same time last year so I think its humidty related.

I can not do extreme temps. In cold, like another poster, my body gets to cold. I have autonomic dysfunction as a result of GBS ans CIDP.

Strange is sometimes its 100 degrees and im freezing. I have fainitng issues as well with the autonomic dysfuntion. In the heat I fatigue out, and am hotter than normal. I have relapses. Just one day out driving in the heat and I have a hard time pushing on the brake pedal in my car.