Relapse vs CIDP vs overdoing ????

November 6, 2007 at 9:41 pm

Is there any way, other than the new demyelination on nerve conduction tests mentioned (or nerve biopsy, 🙁 ) to distinguish between worsening because of GBS relapse or an up and down course of CIDP or worsening because of over-fatigue and trying to do too much? I keep hoping my ups and downs are because I work too much, but like others on this thread do not know this for sure. Was it mainly your/your sons disease courses that made the distinction for relapsing GBS in Cheryl and for CIDP in Kevie? Like Helga, I walk badly when fatigued. Can it really take weeks and weeks of resting to recover from fatigue and get back to baseline? If so, I am like Gabrielle and sad about the size of and limitations in my world now.
It has been a little bit of an emotional day for me just thinking about this and then wow it is exactly a topic of discussion. Awesome.

With Hope for cure of these diseases (however they manifest)