regarding steroids…

January 9, 2008 at 1:15 pm

I’ve been on the steroids route for a while now. I understand its not for everyone, but it seems to be ok for me. My doctor paired it up with large levels of calcium (for osteoporsis concerns, that steroids cause.) and now, has added Tagamet for my stomach. I’ve tried other medical routes and this one is the only one that my body hasn’t drastically rebelled against.
I have gained weight, but, am watching what I eat, (I’m a lot hungrier.) resist the urge!:) and am trying to exercise:rolleyes: (which is hard to do.)
I don’t see a drastic improvement of my symptoms, but the pain is less than it used to be.
Now, everyone varies, and each case is different. Also, from talking to people the treatments vary between GBS and CIDP.
I’ve had CIDP for 2 years now. (diagnosed a few months ago.)
So, just my opinion……..