January 19, 2011 at 3:54 pm

Thanks, Jessicah…but I’m on the waiting list for a doctor here in SLC that is considered one of the top three in the world on this matter…Dr. Lucinda Bateman. If you do much research on CFS/Fibromyalgia, you’ll start seeing her name very quickly.

It is very interesting to me how 350,000 people will be diagnosed with CFS this year, in the US alone. Compare that to about 250,000 that will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and then compare the support. They are on the verge of something with this discovery of the XMRV, a retrovirus that they have found common among CFS patients, while only 3% of the general population carries it. I was also a little shocked last month when it was determined that I, as well as anyone else who has ever been diagnosed with CFS, cannot donate blood…ever. The American Red Cross has issued new standards, and refusing blood from CFS patients is one of them.

As to the multi-standard physicians…I’ve been told that’s what “Internists” are best at. Another option is to find a “Physiatrist” that will “ride herd” on your conditions and treatments. I actually didn’t know what an Internist’s specialty was, until recently. I was told, by an Internist, that their specialty is “Adult Medicine”. You have your “Pediatricians” for kids, “Family Practice” for general stuff, and “Internists” for those illnesses that come on in adulthood. The stuff you learn when you’re sick!!:rolleyes:



Oh, and a “P.S.”…most of what I said in my original post isn’t “just my opinion”…it’s accepted opinion of many, many doctors, researchers, etc. If anyone would like, I can offer many, many, MANY links, resources, and quote “sources”.


March 15, 2009 at 6:54 pm

Hi Rod,

Up my way, Near Phili, you have Dalakas at Thomas Jefferson, I use Mark Brown at Univ of Penn. he is old school and thorough. I like him.

Also at Hopkins There are alot of Good ones. Flick through the Symposioum
Bookslets and forum threads and get more names. There was a guy from
Dallas there i think. Otherwise up to Mayo. Good Luck–tim–