Reduced Pain

October 25, 2011 at 8:06 am


I had screaming pain in my feet for the past year or so, nothing seemed to reduce it except to not use them! I found myself less able to walk because of the pain but not because of muscle involvement. I was told by the neurologist at NW that he didn’t think the stem cell transplant would help my pain. He was wrong!

Post stem cell transplant, I can walk without that screaming pain. In fact, while recovering in Colorado, I walked 2 miles each day (and it was hilly)!! I can walk through a grocery store again without using their electric cart! I feel my body is no longer under attack and so that is the reason my pain is subsiding. Please keep in mind that there is also some healing pain … as the myelin sheaths repair, allowing the nerves to repair, there is some pain. And that process takes a year for noticable results in the nerve conduction studies.

But if nothing else happens – no more healing – it was worth it to me to be out of that type of pain! And I am very optimistic that I will continue to get better! My energy level is better and it doesn’t hurt to walk.

I’m happy with the results!