rediculous!!! and im a nurse

July 12, 2008 at 5:35 pm


i am absolutely horrified by the stupidity of what this instructor has said to you. it is absolutely not true! im soooo irritated right now!

you know, i have thanked God hundreds of times for leading me into the nursing field because, had i been in any other field, i dont know that i would be able to work. ends up taht i most likely dont have GBS, but i have a ton of the same symtpoms (long story). in my opinion, nursing is the perfect field for so many people, because there are so many areas of nursing that you can get into. bonus-the pay is pretty good, too.

you dont even have to be around sick people, should you choose. but that shouldnt even be an issue. i have chosen to continue my education and am starting school again very soon to get my masters in nursing education, then prob a doctorate. the sky is the limit in nursing. you can work in hospitals, nursing homes, private homes, schools, colleges, universities, psych, substance abuse, military, the state, public health, case mgt, discharge planning, recruitment, etc. i couldnt tell you all of the opportunities that will be available to you!

the nursing shortage in america is huge right now, and is only going to get worse. we are short right now about 350,000 nurses in the USA. this means that employers are getting very creative in offering different types of positions that are dream jobs for different types of people.

it would break my heart to see you leave nursing because of what some heartless person said. i dont know if you can go to your dean of nursing (i had a wonderful relationship with mine and could talk to her about anything). if you trust that you can talk to your dean, then you should. if they already know about your illness, tehn it cant hurt to ask for their advice on where to take your career. actually, that is exactly what i did. and, they also deserve to know that they have an instructor who sucks and is hurting the advancement of the nursing profession.

sorry if i sound harsh, but the instructors statement was sickening! there are a few other nurses and health professionals on this site. i talk to them and i am going to ask their opinion. maybe im being too emotional, but i highly doubt it. they work. my aunt (nurse x 40 years) has two coworkers who have recently been thru GBS and they are both back to work, too.

i might send you a private message, or you can do the same. keep in touch!

best wishes!