Red Burning Hands and Feet / CIDP /

March 28, 2010 at 8:59 pm

Hi Dawn,

I started the IVIG in 1998. The Erythromelalgia (red, warm, burning feet and hands) was helped by Neurontin, IVIG, Magnesium, and cooling.

The Sjogren’s did not respond to anything- but the Hydroxychloroquin made the fatigue feel better, and the parasites gave me a remission in 2007.

I now am certain that the parasites made the difference here as I lost the infection three times due to exposure to nitrous oxide during dental procedures. The Sjogren’s syndrome returned each time I lost the parasitic infection. They worked like magic.

I think that with IVIG in potential short supply in the future with health care rationing on the horizon, parasites will be an option that more and more research will focus on. I feel like that therapy saved my life.