Recovery is slow but getting there.

August 2, 2008 at 1:55 am

Since I last logged on there have been many changes. My Dad was feeling really down in the skilled nursing facility and wanted to come home. His physical therapist agreed that he could recover better at home. He had my Mom buy a van with a ramp and order everything he needed to be set up at home. His mood improved about 200%. He got great care but needed a change of scenery. He has an electric wheelchair ordered that he can control with his head. His is still not able to walk or stand but his legs are getting a lot stronger. He can lift the footrests on the wheelchair and scoot himself quite a bit on smooth ground. His hands have done almost nothing since this all happened. He had his catheter removed recently and was glad to see those muscles are working again. Mom has to help him with all of his bathroom needs. She is glad he is home too. It is more work for everyone but is easier to get things done around the house. His insurance will not pay for him to go to rehab and stay in patient because he chose to come home from skilled nursing. They will pay for 30 days of out patient though. He has only had 8 sessions in one month because they can’t get him in. Next week he will finally have a regular schedule and I am sure he will show a huge improvement. They are trying to appeal the insurance companies decision to see if they will pay for 2 weeks of in patient. He will more than likely need more than 30 days of out patient also. They may just go and pay themselves and sue the insurance company later. He has to go to therapy to recover. The van has given him so much mobility. He can get out of the house and go for a ride when he is getting stir crazy. It is easier for taking him to therapy also. He doesn’t have to be transferred to and from his wheelchair. We put him in his recliner the other night and he was in heaven. He is dreaming about putting a safety harness over the treadmill so he can do his own therapy. I hope he isn’t serious. We live in a small town and it is great to take him for a walk so he can see all of his friends and get caught up. His mental healing is coming along.