October 25, 2011 at 6:04 am

[FONT=”Microsoft Sans Serif”]Thanks for your thoughtful input Pam. As always, you put perspective where it belongs.

And thanks Kelly for opening your heart, especially after the harassment you and your family endured.

During those difficult days back when, things here had become divisive. We all have some responsibility in that including myself. I wrote some pretty aggressive and harsh words in defense of my position and have never outwardly acknowledged that, or at least acknowledged that they may have been hurtful. [B]I am sorry.[/B] My tact was too strong even if the sentiment was true for me.

In regards to the [I]”Alice was beat-up/cured”[/I] days, let’s let it be over now. At least for those of us that stuck it out… Kelly and I have conversed privately and both of us want nothing more than what I believe everyone here wants: health, peace, respect and safety. Thanks to her openness, we are at peace with each other.

Let’s all be at peace and keep in mind what is most important. I’d like to hear from some others as far as what they deem most important. For me, it is the ability to express freely without reprisal and an effort by all to be open-minded to new or non-traditional ideas. For example, I know a guy with CIDP that has been on IVIG for 2-3 years that feels he has cured himself on huge doses of turmeric/curcumin. He has not had any IVIG treatments in months now and believes it is due to his use of high dose curcumin. He is afraid to post here because he anticipates an overwhelming amount of skepticism and negativity. This is a shame, in my opinion. Our world gets smaller and smaller and we miss potentially important discoveries. It would be my wish that my friend on curcumin could feel safe enough to post here.