January 18, 2010 at 10:56 am


I read your posts and the posts of others. I have to agree that having an assistant to delegate to and who could learn from you while following through on tasks would be benefical to you, your employee, and the club and it’s members. If there is a person in house who is ready for this job, all the better.

Another though…IT’S ONLY a GOLF CLUB! Memebers come there on a voluntary basis. While golf is health promoting, it is not a necessary for anyone. It’s a luxury. Your health is NOT a luxury! Compromising your health for your loyality to other’s luxury just doesn’t meassure up.

If you are working for the money and willing to sacrifice your health for a higher goal, go for it! But how about trying on the idea of working in a less stressful manner to support your wellness as well as your wallet?

I will keep you in prayer that your find a healthy solution to your situation.