October 20, 2007 at 12:22 am

Now the learning to live at home fun and games begin?
I do remember that coming home and SHOWERING to my heart’s content [and the water heater’s ability] was one of the very best parts [Not to mention the 4 hour ‘nap’ after?]
Things that you used to be able to do without thinking might be hard to do at first, just be patient and stubborn…but, pace yourself carefully.
It’s hard to pace yourself, you sort of HAVE TO THINK out what you do first, second then last, before ‘resting’?
For me it was always the Bathroom, food and water, then keeping up a meds schedule…then NAPS! Working the PT into life and learning the exercises you can do at home helps a lot, you can pace yourself and surprise yourself as to how much progress you can make in the path to ‘almost normal’!
It sure sounds like you got lucky finding astute docs who got you on the really right treatments ASAP! Count your blessings each and every day, then forget about those worst scenarios? Go forward with a fighting attitude!