December 8, 2009 at 3:07 am

I hope that you get a diagnosis and that this means good things for you–that it indicates a treatable condition and that treatment can start is best, but just having a diagnosis can help. I wanted to say though, that it is important to believe in your body. You HAVE conduction block and an abnormal EMG. It is not in your head. You have symptoms that are consistent with a neuropathic condition. The reason that I say this is in case a diagnosis is not made. This still does no mean it is in your head–it just means that a diagnosis is not made yet. I hope that you get one and that it is something treatable and that the treatment can start really soon, but the nervous system is a very complex system and it is sometimes hard to make a definitive diagnosis (for lots of reasons).
I would like to say something else, increased reflexes can be a sign of many things in addition to ALS. ALS is scarey. I had brisk reflexes despite other signs of neuropathy and still do not have a definite diagnosis, but one thing I do have is dystonia that is causing the brisk reflexes–not ALS. I am on dopamine now and better able to walk. I have been told how very odd I am with my age (over twice yours). Another thing to say is that idiopathic just means “of unknown cause”. You know that, but it is worth restating that it does NOT mean “all in your head”.
Just the way you stated your post makes me want to say this about the emotional part of waiting for a diagnosis and also about the wish for validation by having a diagnosis.
WithHope for a cure of these diseases