Re: Pain Patches & Thanks!

May 17, 2007 at 7:04 am

Dear All,

Thanks so much for your kind support and care. My message above was a bit muddled: my wife is suffering from pain, my sister-in-law has wholly different problems but has been taking a pain patch if that clears up any matters for you. Your advice is clearer than my bleating request.

Life gets complex. My wife Fran, a university English professor, had been making real progress toward recovery. Latey, however, she has been suffering residuals: pain in the abdomen, toes, and hands that is nearly continuous. She talks wanting something to relieve the pain but doesn’t want to take medication in any quantity that is likely to help. Instead, she tries to push on through it and ends up being miserable and making life miserable to those around her, particularly me.

I’m sure all of this is very familiar to many of you who have suffered yourselves for so long. Life is so unfair. She wants to return to our beloved Dorset (England); however, I probably will not be able to travel with her because I’ll need to stay be here to take care of our many cats, some who are getting old and/or have special needs. We’ve hired pet sitters before to look after them on a relatively short-term basis, but with nearly disasterous results. So many complications and things to worry about. And here I am rattling on about matters for which you cannot possibly help. Perhaps a momentary vendetta against the world, huh.

Anyway, thanks for your help, and feel free to skip the last paragraph.