re: Michele

October 14, 2007 at 9:21 am

Well it has now been over a year and I thought I would give all an update.
My daughter is MARRIED to the wonderful man who stood by her. She was a
beautiful bride but for her it was upsetting as she still does not have full facial movements. I dont notice it unless she smiles (which the photographer kept insisting she smile and she replied I am ). She is back teaching and for her recovery, she used the game dance revolution (the one with the arrows).
wow….I tried it and cant do it. Not only did it help with building up her muscles but all other processes. She still is tired a lot and as I said not all facial movement is back. Her doctor states that where she is- is where
she will be. She keeps trying tho to get more movement back.
At the reception of their wedding, I made the comment during speeches as
a quote to her. Last year when she was recovering she stated something to me that was so profound, that it immediately indeared Jeremy(her hubby) to me for life. It was as follows:
” MOmma when I wake up and see Jeremy beside me , it makes me glad to be alive”…. I quoted her at the wedding and said to Jeremy I dont need to say anything else to welcome you to our family.. You are family.
Thank you to all. this has been an eye opening experience (forgive the pun)
I constantly pray for all who suffer from the many diseases that take such a toll on the family and life as we know it. thank you thank you