re: Abnormal MRI

May 3, 2007 at 2:57 pm

My brain MRIs have shown “white spots” since I started getting them years ago. Just not “enough” of them to support a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (…yet.)

I’ve always questioned whether demyleination in one area (I have CIDP) and demyleination elsewhere, like the brain, aren’t kind of the same process. (We don’t question when someone has the same rash in several places that it’s related, right? Kind of like that.) Especially since I have progressive CIDP, and am now (after many years) beginning to experience symptoms that indicate I also have autonomic neuropathy.

The multiple white spots would mean something if there were MORE of them… but it’s hard for me to accept that the ones that are there mean NOTHING. But that’s how it works!