April 10, 2007 at 1:26 pm

Hi Becca,
I don’t think you are rambling! I do the same thing, my 10 year old son has cidp or aidp. You are soooo right, everything does LOOK so normal, kids don’t understand why Kevin can’t do the mile run in gym class or sometimes has to take a break. He is developing a tough exterior when dealing with peoples doubts, as well he is developing great coping mechanisms. We both remind each other when either of us is sad that things could be worse. Just this past Saturday, Kevin’s best friend was diagnosed with legg calve perthes disease. He is in the advanced state and will probably spend most of his childhood in braces and eventually a wheelchair until he is old enough for a hip replacement. (it is a degenerative bone disease) So when Kevin thinks about that or the children who take insulin shots three times a day, he feels lucky. I think that whatever weaknesses you or any members of the forum have, you compensate and make up for them ten fold in courage, character, compassion, understanding and love. I know that you will eventualy get through this and whatever does not heal 100% you will increase somewhere else 200% Good luck and stay strong! Dawn:) 😉 😮 :rolleyes: