February 1, 2007 at 9:53 am

I am 6 years post GBS. Back to work, some issues with my feet like strange sensations, random pains and am frequently tired. Any vibrations on my hands or arms causes pain. Lately I have been having extreme joint pain in my feet,ankles, knees and hands and I have a igh white blood cell count. I saw a Rheumatoliguist (sp) and she tested me for RA (Xrays, Synovial Fluid, BLood ANA), etc. She doesn’t think I have RA but is now now looking at Lupus. Apparently if you have one auto-immune disorder you are a good candidate to develop another. Lupus, like GBS is a collections of symptoms. If you have 4 of the 11, they say you have Lupus. Apparently there is no DNA footprint for Lupus. I guess my point is that Fibromyalga , joint pains and other symptoms should be looked at ASAP. Good luck all.