"The Tavern"

August 18, 2008 at 6:07 pm

Tucked away in a cyber corner,
In far off distant lands,
Nestled in quiet solitude
A cozy tavern stands.

Home to many good friends,
A sanctuary for our mind,
A place where all may gather
To imbibe as they unwind.

Noted for their 3 for…
And bottle juggling staff,
JanB tosses with the very best,
While Norb eludes his better half.

Julie fixes brekkie,
A feast most cannot pass by.
And Emma swings her hammer,
With a mighty “Swing batter, batter” cry

Jim wields the computer data,
Designing reno’s one through four.
And now JanB can grin delightedly…
We have woman’s bathrooms, galore!

Old Bat is oft seen hanging
Up high above the floor.
Her friends can come and go now,
They have a private exit door.

Norb likes to tend the cellar.
He is a master of all wine.
And he manages the eatery,
Where you can “fancy” dine.

If you have a wish to travel,
There are tunnels to explore.
They’ll get you up to “Canada”.
See her waving at her door.

You’ll oft see “Canada” and Emma
Camped down by the beach.
They park their chairs and grab a drink
And soak their tired feet.

Now sometimes Liz and Cheryl
Stop by for a brew or two,
And Brett sometimes will croon to us
While Terry tosses back a few.

Jamie sticks her head in
When the boys are nestled down to rest.
Ken, too, occasionally stops by
To record us at our “best”!:D

There are lots of other patrons
Whose names you will not see.
I’ll have to write another poem,
When more time, I have free.

There are many, many people
Who go in and out these doors,
But there are only a handful
Who stay to mop the floors!

So, here’s a glass to “The Tavern”
To my friends a hug and toast.
If I could chose from all the world,
I couldn’t ask for better folks.

Love you guys…..Salute!