"sound" Asleep

November 6, 2007 at 3:14 pm

This time there is no photo, but the story of “Sandman vs. Jerry Lee Lewis”:

William was sitting in his chair with a table in front of it, and grandpa (the “other” one) had given him his cell-phone which was playing grampa’s favourite music – mostly rock ‘n roll classics. William enjoyed it immensely and started jumping up and down like he has been doing since he was 3 months, only this time he jumped to the beat of the music, which was something new, and worth boasting of in itself, in my view of course:cool:

The phone was on random play and went on and on, and William kept jumping incessantly, almost in a trance. After quite a while he suddenly started to rub his eyes, jumping and rubbing at the same time. The phone was laying on the table under his arms. I was watching him closely, because I expected what happened just some seconds later – his head fell down on his arms – but the phone went on playing, and William went on jumping with his head down on his arms a few moments, then up again like a jack-in-the-box. Down his head fell once more, but his little nappy-bum kept the beat, going up and down from the seat of his chair. I think his head emerged only once more time while the music was enthralling him, but finally Sandman won the battle and William fell asleep on top of the phone in the middle of “Great Balls of Fire”!

He slept for about half an hour and the phone was playing all the time, because we were afraid that he would wake up if the music stopped. And guess what happened only seconds after he woke up? You were right: he went right on “bum-banging” again as if there had been no break, but at that point his mother found that enough was enough, and switched off the phone. I wouldn’t have been surprised if William had protested, but he found my necklace on the table, and started to examine it and didn’t utter a sound – and we were all enjoying the relative silence even though none of us dislikes good ol’ Rock and Roll!