"Shake, rattle and roll"

June 10, 2006 at 1:41 pm

I do not have GBS, but a “cousin” of CIDP called PDN. My kind of shaking is called “intention tremor” which means that whenever I want to use my fingers\hands\arms they tremble and jerk instead of doing what I want them to. This condition has slowly improved during the last year after I received Rituxan treatment. It is only a few weeks ago since I was able to use two fingers on my lap-top keyboard, but still I make a lot of unintended mistakes, and the most unexpected things happen on the screen while I’m writing, usually these things are easy to correct, but it also happens that everything disappears without warning before I’m able to send it!:eek:

When I don’t use my hands, they don’t tremble, but if I get stressed or nervous, the intention tremor also increases. Sometimes I feel trembling in my whole body, a strange feling of internal vibration, and this too in connection with stress or fatigue, both physically and mentally.