"like Canada"

October 13, 2010 at 11:31 am

Hi all of you,

This is Kathy from Canada. I don’t want to alarm you but if the US system goes “like Canada” it will completely change the way you are dealt with.

The good part is that you will never be refused a visit to a doctor or an ER department.It is universally available not dependent on having insurance. The bad news is it will be difficult to get into a doctor, particularly Neurologists and they will try the “cheapest” alternatives.

In Canada we have ended up with a” limited resource” based system. Because resources are scare (i.e not enough doctors and hospital beds) to treat an aging population, demand exceeds supply. This means that decisions on treatment are based on the “cheapest ” alternative not the “best for the patient”.

It is great in acute cases – but if you have a chronic problem treatment takes a VERY long time to access.

In the proposed US system can you still obtain services on a “patient pays ” basis? In Canada you cannot get IVIG by paying for it – it all funnels through the govenment supply (the Canadian Blood Bank).

Best to all of you,