quick question Jim

August 12, 2008 at 6:49 pm

about that wall Jim; as I see it the one wall has the beautiful stained glass window in it, so that leaves the wall by the small cabinet, sooooo ummm, Jim, where do we stand to fling those darts? I’m thinking middle of the pool. But I’ll volunteer to be the first loser if I can choose my fate-I’m joing Norb in that spotless cellar with a big straw and be forced to taste test. Even OSHA would be impressed with that shiny floor. And would you look at those chandeliers? No wonder we cant keep the locals out!!

Jan, keep that bull with his harem and get over here. The ice is melting on your extra spicy caesar and pickled asparagus spear out here on the beach-got your seat saved but I already ordered another round, so after you get the beans picked, the grass cut, the laundry done(light day, huh?), head to the water-got our chairs partly in the water, so you can soak your tired feet.