Question re:bacterial infection and CIDP

October 18, 2008 at 10:47 pm

[QUOTE=LindaH]Hi Johnny! That could be a possibilty but was there any vaccines given to you while you were there or shortly before, and virus’s or flu’s?
Maybe your doctor could test you for that bacteria and if it shows up then it’s possible.
Anything is possible. Not sure whom I would contact in regards to this either! Good to see you back again! Hugs
Linda H[/QUOTE]
Hi Linda,
I have a question. There sure seems to be a correlation for many who have CIDP with suspicion of having a bacterial infection like Campylobacter. Why don’t CIDP patients receive massive doses of antibiotics just on the chance that they may still have some bacteria in their systems causing faulty immune responses? I have wondered that many times. Has anyone run this by their neurologist?