Query regarding Son’s (only child) Swine Flu Vaccination

September 9, 2010 at 12:47 pm

Thanx to all of you guys for such a warm welcome & replies ! Really appreciate that.

I want to ask a question to all the members. My son who’s 2yrs old have his Swine Flu vaccination (Injectable not Nasal, according to his Pediatrician) due on 14th of Sept.10. Sha’ll i go further with it or not as I’ve come across several cases of GBS post swine flu vaccination? I’m in great confusion as I’m already suffering a lot due to my wife’s GBS. I cannot take any risk with my only child’s life.

I asked my wife’s physiotherapist’s husband who’s a doctor that i can do without the swine flu vaccination of my son if i’m having such apprehension in my mind. Moreover we don’t consume any piggery product. But my child’s pediat. says it’s totally safe as now it is injectable vaccine & not nasal one & hence it is non reactive as against the nasal one. What does non reactive apply to, non reactive to what?

Please help me on this. I’m in a dillema. Sha’ll I go with it or drop it?

Now about my wife she’s improving. Today she walked without the support of walker, but me & her PT were holding her hands. Then she went down & up 6-7 stairs with holdind the railing of the staircase from one side with her hand & her PT from other side with me keeping a watch from her back that she don’t fell.

I need a reply regarding Vaccination from all of you guys ASAP.

with warmest regards


“May LORD have mercy on all the GBS patients”